autumn-winter menu


-„Caprese" salad with homemade „Pesto" sauce - 300g. 7,50 lv. .

-„Ceasar" salad with grilled chicken filets, Iceberg salad, croutons, crispy bacon, „Parmesan" cheese, mayonnaise dressing with anchovy and garlic - 350 gr.7,90 lv.
-„Burrata" cheese salad with beetroot, carrot, apple, parsley, walnuts and honey mustard dressing - 300g.8.90 lv.

-Village mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, roasted pepper, roasted eggplant, cow cheese and parsley - 350g. 6.90 lv.

-„Nice" („Nicoise") salad with tuna fish, boiled potato, avocado, Iceberg salad, red lettuce, croutons, boiled egg, red onion - 350g.8.90 lv.

-Grated salad with carrots, celery, „Cheddar" cheese, parsley and mayonnaise dressing - 300 g.5.90 lv.

-Salad with bulgur, quinoa, tomato, cucumber, red onion, garlic, parsley, dill, mint, avocado and lemon dressing - 300g.6.20 lv.

Cold starters:

-Platter of marinated fish (skipjack, horse mackerel fish, salmon) served on garlic and butter croutons - 380g.15.00 lv.

- Duck liver paté with Armagnac and butter croutons served with fresh salad - 220g.11.90 lv.

- Cold platter with French cheese, magret duck breast and prosciutto - 330g. 21.00 lv.

-Beef tongue with pickles and „Dijon" mustard - 180g.10.90 lv.

Hot starters:

-Beef tongue with boletes, garlic, butter and white wine - 150g.11.90 lv.

- Roasted root vegetables matzo balls served with onion sauce with milk - 220g.7.90 lv.

Roasted goat cheese with pears and nuts - 220g.9.50 lv.

-Lamb tongues with butter and wine - 180g.12.50 lv.

-Sauteed mushroom with butter, dill and wine - 250g.7.90 lv.

-Duck liver with pears - 150g.19.90 lv.

Main courses:

-Pork ribs with barbeque sauce served with „Coleslaw" salad and red potatoes - 600g.14.50 lv.

-Barbequed pork neck steak served with fresh salad and red potatoes - 300g.11.90 lv.

-Roasted pork knuckle served with Bavarian sour cabbage with bacon - 600g.19.90 lv.
- Pork roll up served with „Gravy" sauce and potato and turnip gratin - 450g.19.90 lv.

- Pork, beef and lamb meatball served with red potatoes and grilled vegetables - 350g.12.80 lv.

-Barbequed chicken steak served with fresh salad and red potatoes - 300g.11.90 lv.

-Veal ribs served with barbeque sauce, „Coleslaw" salad and red potatoes - 700g.26.90 lv.

-Veal chop served with sauteed seasonal vegetables - 400g.24.90 lv.

-Beef steak served with „Peper" sauce, grilled vegetables and red potatoes - 350g.28.90 lv.

-Chicken filet „Saltimbocca" served with pumpkin puree and stewed asparagus - 350g.12.90 lv.

Мeats without meat

-Risotto with asparagus and „Parmesan" cheese - 300g.8.90 lv.

-Vine leaves stuffed with rice, dried plums and herbs with „Béchamel" sauce - 350g.7.90 lv.

-Quinoa with sheep cheese, pumpkin, caramelized walnuts, arugula and onion - 300g.9.50 lv.

-Marinated barbequed vegetables - 350g.7.50 lv.

Pizzas and Focaccias:

- Margherita /„Mozzarella" cheese, basil tomato sauce/ - 400g.8.50 lv.

- Capricciosa /ham, „Mozzarella" cheese, mushrooms and tomato sauce/ - 500g.10.50 lv.

- Diavola /„Pepperoni" salami, „Mozzarella" cheese, roasted pepper and tomato sauce/ - 500g.10.80 lv.

- Wild rocket (Arugula) salad /rocket salad/arugula, „Mozzarella„ cheese, „Prosciutto„ ham, „Parmesan" cheese and tomato sauce/ - 600g.11,50 lv.

-Quattro formaggi (Four cheeses) - blue cheese, „Cheddar" cheese, „Mozzarella" cheese, „Parmesan" cheese, tomato sauce/ - 450g.10.90 lv.
-Butter focaccia - 300g.5.90 lv.

Herb and garlic butter focaccia - 300g.5.90 lv.

Fish and seafood:

- Barbecue grilled sea bass served on grilled vegetables - 700g.19.90 lv.

-Salmon fillet served with Provencal vegetables - 350g.21.00 lv.

-Hot octopus „Ceviche" with shrimps, avocado, tomato, onion and garlic croutons - 350g.20.00 lv.

Homemade desserts:

-Chocolate tart with „Mascarpone" cheese and caramelized nuts - 150g.6.50 lv.

-Tiramisu - 160g.5,90 lv.

-Village apple pie served with vanilla ice cream - 220g.5,90 lv.

-White chocolate pumpkin cheesecake - 180g. 6,50 lv.

Children's menu:

-Baked cornflake crusted chicken served with French fries and sliced cucumbers -150g.4,90 lv.

-Pork meatballs served with French fries - 150g.4,90 lv.

-Salmon fillet served with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers - 150g.9,90 lv.





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